• Šiauliai Botanical Garden Friends club is a non-profit organisation with the aim of coordinating association members’ activities. The activities of friends club cover the fields of culture, art, education and nature protection.
  • Every capable natural and legal person who is at least 18 years old can become a member of Botanical Garden Friends club.
  • Every natural and legal person supporting club activities under the law on Charity and Sponsorship of the Republic of Lithuania can be a sponsor of Botanical Garden Friends club.
  • The purpose of the Friends club is to support Šiauliai University Botanical Garden as an object of public interest, promoting science, art, culture and nature and to help the Botanical Garden to become part of the social and cultural life of Šiauliai city.


In 2017 Botanical Garden Friends club carried out these environmental education projects funded by Šiauliai city municipality:

“Learning to compost is useful and interesting!”

“Sweet honey from environmental protection”

The president of Šiauliai Botanical Garden Friends club Irena Šniukienė, i.sniukiene@splius.lt



Šiauliai University Botanical Garden Friends club

Paitaičių st. 4, LT-77175, Šiauliai

Mob. +370 685 63627

Tel. (8 41) 55 39 34